Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you try the following things …

Use the Google Chrome browser or Apple Safari browser. Do not use Microsoft Internet Explorer as it frequently fails to display content correctly.

Disable plug–ins.

Be sure you have Javascript enabled in your browser settings.

Access your course from an unrestricted network.

If you are attempting to access the course from behind a firewall, contact your local IT administrator or department to temporarily disable the local firewall. You may even suggest disabling the firewall for the unique edX IP address.

Yes. Each video lecture is provided in a downloadable copy. Please click on “Download Video” button located below each video in a unit/page in order to download the video to your computer. (Video is provided in MP4.)

For high–definition (HD), click on the “HD” button on the control bar of each video. Once it turns red, you will view the video in HD. Otherwise, by default, videos play in standard definition.

Yes, you can access the course using your mobile device. If you intend on taking this course on a mobile device running Apple iOS or Android operating systems, we recommend using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web-browsers. 

To download a transcript, please select one of the downloading options. “.srt” file or “.txt”. 

SubRip (.srt) file transcripts contain time–codes that allow the video player to identify when to show a line of text. In some transcripts the time–codes appear without any line separation at the beginning of the file. Scroll down and you will see the actual text.

Transcripts can be turned on or off for each video. To do this, just click on the   button located in the control bar for each video.

Subtitles can also be turned on or off for each video. To do this, just click on the  button located in the control bar for each video.